Since 2009 our innovative cafe has been offering you to enjoy the flavours, aroma, beauty and quality of organic products from the Amazonas region. Our goal is to provide new and alternative ways for the community, for Peruvians and foreign tourists to experience local tourism. Following the principles of the ‘Slow Food’ movement (opposed to fast food), we are committed to cooking tasty, healthy, and natural dishes that are produced without harming the environment, animal species or our health and at the same time providing fair compensation for the suppliers.



By avoiding the use of disposable packaging, plastic bags and drinking straws we consciously try to eliminate our wastes as much as possible. We use biodegradable packaging and recycle used wine bottles to create our drinking glasses. We also are careful of our social environmental influence. We like to work directly with community organisations such as the co-op Agraría Rodríguez of Mendoza with their coffee the heart of Mendoza, the association of producers Santa Rosa who provide us with granulated bio-cane sugar, the community of Leymebamba with their dairy products, the Women’s artists group of Leymebamba with their woven textiles, and Miguel Huamán with his woodworking.



We prefer to be coproducers instead of just consumers of the products that we work with. Therefore, we try to be aware of our whole production and we try to support the people involved in such processes.