We are located in the Monteza house, a nationally declared cultural heritage site, in the heart of Chachapoyas. We are passionate about great coffee; we use only the best selection of arabic coffee beans from the fertile valley of Guayabamba produced by the Cooperativa agraria Rodríguez de Mendoza COOPARM (www.cooparm.org ) to serve you a perfect cup. A coffee lifts up the spirit and gathers people together. To make your daily ritual a passionate moment, start your day with a delicious fair trade coffee, and enjoy it along with breakfast, lunch, dinner or any of our exquisite 'slow food' options.




You can also enjoy our book exchange program, fair trade goods and souvenirs (with the best crafts from the region), Friday night concerts, movie nights, massages, yoga, meditation, english classes, coffee routes, box lunches, and catering. Feel free to connect to our wifi, or speak with an agent from our responsible travel agency as well. Additionally, we rent out our space for special events.